Will Rend For Scritches
Will Rend For Scritches

I tentatively have a full time job! My friend is librarian at ___ and is obligated to has assistant. Job place is funded quarterly, so I must wait til the next fiscal quarter but the big boss liked my interview and friend has made it explicit that she favors me for the post.

Human and I broke up Day before Valentine’s Day. Human told me he wants to be dating a Real Human With A Real Job And Car, not a house cat. My tentative acquisition of Real Job was seen as too little, too late. He is unwilling to let me stay until April, when I’d be starting the new job. I have place to crash, in case of emergency. I CANNOT move home. Just, no. I will take the necessary steps to make sure Bunnums will be safe. Human loves her, and I’ve bought all the things that will make her be good. I have written a list of things that he’d need to do to make sure she’d be good. To be honest, I’m more worried about her than me. But she will be fine.


Everything is in transit and I’m scared and I think it is good for me. I will be ok. Bunny is safe. I am ok. I am going to bed. I am ok.

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