What does everyone eat for dinner in the week before thanksgiving?

Tonight, stuffed pork chops. Tomorrow, I eating a lobster and not sharing!!! What is everyone else doing? Do you guys eyeball the destined for Turkey day foods longingly? Do you guys eat lightly in the runner-up days? I try to eat non autumny things so I'm not sick k of them for thanksgiving. What do you do? » 11/25/14 2:41pm Tuesday 2:41pm

Humans. Humans.

I require one Black Russian bagel, buttered and toasted, slathered in avocado, finely diced red onion, topped with smoked salmon and dotted with roe infused creme fraiche. I will also accept a butter poached lobster tail topped with a creamy tomalley sauce. Or, bone marrow on toast. Or pork belly confit, roasted til… » 11/24/14 12:57am Monday 12:57am