On Wednesday I killed my own PREY: OYSTERS.

Now I want moar oysters, and pumpernickel tosts slathered in sweet cream butter mixed with crunchy crystals of sea salt. And a wedge of Delice de Borgogne chiz. Some prosciutto, salami, and bresaola. Oooh, and mebbe a nice chicken liver pâté mixed with lots of caramelized onions and crunchy cornichons on the side.… » 3/06/15 11:14pm 3/06/15 11:14pm

So not only did I not get the part time

They cut my hours bc electing republicans means education budget cuts. Also, one of the two available part time openings went to someone outside of the library system. If I weren't having such a hard time trying to get another job, I'd quit this one. I'm furious. I don't make enough as it is. I'm going to start… » 3/02/15 4:36pm 3/02/15 4:36pm